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The Weak Link

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Title: The Weak Link
Pairing/characters: Allison/Stiles, background Allison/Lydia/Scott/Stiles; Allison, Stiles, Chris Argent.
Rating: PG13
Word count: 2,749 words.
Summary: Stiles can't quite believe it, but somehow Scott, Lydia, Allison and he ended up in a poly relationship. It's not easy, trying to keep up with all the different sides of that arrangement, especially when he's not sure Allison isn't only with him by default.
A/N This takes place in a nebulous season 3 AU where Allison obviously didn't die. I couldn't tell you anything else about it, there's no rhyme nor reason to this AU. I just ship all the permutations between those four, so it finally appeared to me that an OT4 was what I really wanted - and given how reduced their interactions were in season 3, it's funny how much I like the idea of Allison/Stiles, so here they are. This is unbeta'd; no one to blame for it but me.

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Fix the Sky a Little, Masterpost

Title: Fix the Sky a Little
Pairing/characters: Ben Braeden/Claire Novak/Jesse Turner; Castiel, Dean, Sam, Jody Mills, Bobby Singer.
Rating: NC17
Word count: about 42,000 words.
Warnings: Language, child harm and child death.
Summary: Once a vessel, always a vessel; this is a truth Claire Novak knows well. When Claire's nights get disturbed by the calls for help of a fallen angel turned human, she, Ben and Jesse have to ally themselves with Castiel and the Winchesters to protect angels who have decided to fall and are now children. One thing they know: beneath the surface of a lake, the Leviathan awaits. Sequel to Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here and Run Like Hell. AU for most of season 7.
A/N: Written for spn_j2_bigbang. A million thanks to my friends miramirth and fallingvoices for their hard work as betas, and to my artist ideare for her art!

Note that the Leviathan depicted in this story is nothing like the Leviathans from season 7 - in fact, most of season 7 didn't happen the way it did in the show. Claire's characterization was elaborated before her recent episodes, so the character in this fic bears little resemblance with the canon character from season 10.


Title: Harbinger
Characters: Sam, Dean (cameos by Bobby and Ruby)
Rating: R
Word count: c.7,100 words.
Warning: nudity, out-of-order chronology, unhappy ending.
Summary: AU. Sam saves Dean from Hell. This is both the end and the beginning.

A/N: Written for spn_reversebang. Thank you so much to amberdreams for her very inspiring art prompt, and for the rest of the awesome art she did for this fic! I was a lucky author. Thank you also to dollarformyname for her life-saving beta work.

Link to art master post!
Link to the fic on AO3

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S10E05 reaction

Okay, I cried at their rendition of "Carry On Wayward Son". Jesus, show.


Side B

Title: Side B
Characters: Mary, Sam, Dean, Bill Harvelle, Karen Singer, and others.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 25,000 words.
Summary: AU. After her husband's death, Mary Winchester tried to do her best for her sons: she taught them how to defend themselves against the monsters that go bump in the night, but tried to keep them out of hunting and give as normal a life as possible. But while Sam has followed her mother’s wishes and gone to college, Dean has become a hunter and he and Mary haven’t talked in years. A hunt brings the family together and forces them to confront the past.

AKA, the AU where some people who are dead aren’t, and some people who aren’t dead are.

A/N: Written for spn_gen_bigbang. I thought I would never be able to finish this fic! I'm glad I managed to do it, although I will let you be the judges of whether the result was worth the struggle. I'm very grateful to my artist, wataru_kisugi for her enthusiasm for the fic and her hardwork on the art - please don't forget to check her post and leave her comments! Thank you also to bellatemple for her thorough beta work. This fic owes a lot to those two people.

Link to art master post (plenty of art!)
Link to the fic on AO3

Side B_final

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He Who Wins You Over, part one

Title: He Who Wins You Over

Word count : 15,000

Author's Notes: Here is my entry for spn_summergen. I'm reposting a slightly edited version of it - I fixed a small inconsistency, among other things. All my thanks to sylvia_locus for betaing this story, and to my recipient steeplechasers for the awesome prompts (I had a hard time making a choice!), and of course, to brightly_lit, quickreaver and septembers_coda for making that challenge happen this year.

Summary: That Dean got them lost isn’t the most worrying thing about their situation. No, the problem is that, one, this town isn’t on the map at all; and two, it looks like it might be impossible for them to leave. Season three era.

Link to the fic on AO3

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You guys! Someone translated one of my stories into Russian! Not only is this flattering (and I needed some ego stroking with of the lack of feedback to my BB fic), but I looove translation and languages so this is really fun to me. I don't even know the alphabet, but I managed to recognize the characters' names, which in turn helped me figure out some of the letters. And dialogue conventions! They look similar to what we use in French: dashes to introduce dialogue lines, no quotations marks (well, we actually have two kinds of dialogue conventions in French, but the other one is getting out of use), and the introductory verb is placed before the name of the person speaking. The only difference that I can see is that Russian uses another dash to close the dialogue line, and not a comma as in French. I also discovered that Russian has a declension system, which I didn't know (you see the depths of my non-knowledge of Russian!).

Anyway, in case anyone is interested, here's the link to the translation, and here's the link to the original fic (it's a Misfits fic) for comparison purposes.


Run Like Hell, Masterpost

Title: Run Like Hell
Pairing/characters: Ben Braeden/Claire Novak/Jesse Turner; Sam, Dean.
Rating: NC17
Word count: about 46,000 words.
Warnings: Language, mindfuck.
Summary: Former down on his luck Anti-Christ, Jesse Turner has finally found a place to settle down with Ben and Claire in California. At least, it seems that way until the Winchesters, always the bearers of bad news, tell him that his parents have been murdered at their house in Alliance, Nebraska. Back to his childhood town, Jesse has to fight his demons (literal and metaphorical) while trying to cling to his sanity. Sequel to Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here. AU from the middle of season 7.
A/N: Written for spn_j2_bigbang. Like the previous one, this fic has been tremendously fun to write. All my thanks to my beta geckoholic for her invaluable help, to yohkobennington for the last read-through, and to my artist kiki_miserychic for her lovely piece. Don't forget to leave her comments!

This fic should be able to stand on its own even if you haven't read the first one. You only need to know spoilersCollapse )



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