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Haven series finale

Okay, I've held on until the end of that show despite feeling less and less engaged by it, so I feel I have to say a few words about it now that it's over.

The mytharc was a mess, so I won't touch it. The more the show has tried to dwelve into an explanation for all the mysteries, the less convincing it became. The only reason I watched until the end (although, full disclosure, I didn't watch all of season 5) is because I ship Audrey/Nathan/Duke like it's my job. And the show has put that ship through the wringer, without ever really sinking it, oddly enough. I find it interesting that in a season that continuously tried to split Duke from Audrey and Nathan, and barely let Duke and Audrey interact at all, there were still some strongly OT3-ish moments, especially in the form of Nathan slowly accepting Audrey and Duke's feelings for each other, even on Audrey's side (before that he'd acknowledged that Duke loved Audrey, but not the reverse). The beginning of the season had Nathan say, "Three things Audrey loves: me, you, and helping people with Troubles", and in the second half we had Nathan use what happened between Duke and Audrey in Colorado to try and get through Duke, saying he knows it meant something for both of them. This was huge, given how jealous and possessive Nathan has been in the past. Nathan, on the whole, was more sympathetic than in the couple of previous seasons, which was nice. What wasn't nice...

...was Duke's death. I had a feeling in the latest episodes that he was going to die, but I'm still not happy about it. Especially since it feels like he died to facilitate Audrey/Nathan, even though they've been together for the past two seasons so it's not like it was even solving a love triangle, but as long as he was here the show kept wavering between Audrey and Nathan's "true love" and strong OT3-ish vibes. Up until the end, because holy shit, that death scene was really romantic. I hate that he died, but I loved that scene: Nathan cradling Duke in his arms as he smothered him, Audrey crying by his side and saying, "It's gonna be okay, Duke. We love you." And afterwards, Nathan looking so lost and grief-stricken, Audrey crying while she looks at a photo of the three of them she uses as a wallpaper on her computer! I think I would have been almost okay with this if it had happened in the last episode, but the fact that it happened in the episode before really made it look like they were getting him out of the way to have an Audrey/Nathan focused finale. And the way it all ended, with Audrey coming back as someone else and we're meant to take it as a happy ending? Bullshit.

That is all.
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