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Master fic list


Retreat at the Hot Springs: Katara, Zuko, OCs; PG. Coming back from their trip to find the man that killed Katara's mother, Zuko and Katara have to stop to give Appa (and themselves) a break. They find the food and the rest they need, but it comes with a small deception.


Snowfall: Percy, Cassandra; PG13. During the weeks preceding the Winter Crest Festival, Percy and Cassandra bond while clearing out the castle.


Supernatural/Teen Wolf
Losing Sleep: Sam, Stiles, Dean, Lucifer, the nogitsune, others; PG13. Having been awake for days, tormented by hallucinations of Lucifer, Sam is at the end of his rope. In order to try and help him, Dean drags his brother to a small California town to meet with one of Bobby's contacts.

But everything isn't what it seems in Beacon Hills, and while Dean tries to unravel the town's mysteries, Sam commits himself to the local mental institution, Eichen House. His roommate, Stiles Stilinski, is a boy with secrets of his own, but Sam and Stiles will have to learn how to work together while struggling against their own demons if they want to survive what lurks in Eichen House.


A Time for Baking: Olivia, Peter, Walter, Astrid (hints of Peter/Olivia); PG. Peter persuades Olivia to help him bake croissants for Walter. Stuff happens.

Caught in Forever Amber: Alt!Olivia/Alt!Charlie/Alt!Lincoln; Alt!Walter, Alt!Broyles, Alt!Astrid, Alt!Frank; n; PG13. Season 4 AU. A can of Amber 31422 has been stolen and is used against the population by terrorists who protest the Fringe protocol. As Olivia, Charlie and Lincoln try to stop them, they also have to deal with changes that force them to reevaluate their relationship. Written for polybigbang. Art by teaotter.


To Live and Become: Al, Ed; PG13. Chapter 108 missing scene. Al can't sleep, and he has a question to ask.

No Rest for the Brave: Ed, Al, Winry, Riza; PG13. Chapter 108 missing scenes (after Ed and Al have come back to Risembool). Ed is perfectly fine; now he only has to convince himself and everybody else of it.

Last Words: Roy, Riza; PG. When all is said and done, Roy pays a visit to Hughes’ grave.

Fierce as Fire: Roy, Ed, Al, Riza, Winry, Pinako, Hughes, King Bradley; PG13. Earth. Fire. Air. Water. Long ago, all the nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Amestris, the Fire Nation, attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, can restore balance in the world.

When Roy Mustang went to investigate an instance of illegal firebending, he didn't expect to find something that would change the course of his life: the new Avatar, who carried on his shoulders the hope for a new world.
Written for the Fusion Fest 2016.


A Zombie Story: Kelly, Simon, Curtis, Alisha, Nathan (background Simon/Alisha, mentions of past Alisha/Curtis); PG13. It was a Monday night like any other Monday night; a night of being bored and broke and and having no other cares in the world (at least, aside from freaky powers they had never asked for, and one or two dead probation officers on their consciences). But then the zombies showed up. Now the gang are running for their lives - Alisha and Nathan's powers manifest interesting side effects when confronted with the zombies, Kelly has to bash a lot of heads, Simon has to make a choice to kill in order to save, and Curtis tries not to succumb to the temptation of killing Nathan instead of saving him. All in all, they'd rather be bored. Written for smallfandombang. Art by sentbyfools.


Look Into an Abyss (comment fic): Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto (hints of Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura if you squint); PG13. The shadows are getting closer every day, and Sasuke can't look away.


So Long: Ben/Chon/O; NC17. Laguna Beach, California. Ben and Chon are living the dream, growing some of the best weed in the world, with their shared girlfriend, Ophelia (aka O). Their world is shattered when they draw the attention of the Mexican Baja drug cartel and its queen, Elena Sanchez. When they refuse to partner with the cartel, O is kidnapped as leverage and kept hostage for one year - one year to learn and change, one year to test their feelings for each other. AU. Written for polybigbang.


Rest In Peace (translation from French): Dean, Sam, PG13. In a cemetery somewhere in Minnesota, the clock is ticking for Sam and Dean Winchester. Not a deathfic.

Not A Believer (translation from French): Dean, mentions of Sam and John; PG13. Dean doesn't believe in a higher power, but he believes in his father, in his own strength, and that the only thing worth fighting for is his brother.

Somewhere Along the Way (translation from French): Sam, Jess, OCs, mentions of Dean and John; PG13. Nothing has ever kept Sam from following his own path. And he knows that to gain what you want, you have to be willing to pay the price. Pre-series, companion piece to Not A Believer.

At First Sight (translation from French): Dean, Sam; PG. An ordinary night for the Winchester brothers: Dean has hurt his back, Sam is asking existential questions.

Sam no Go (comment fic): Sam, John; PG. Sam and John discover that they have something in common.

Vertigo (comment fic): Dean, Sam; PG13. Dean faces one of his fears.

The Road to Hell (comment fic): Dean, Sam; PG13. Dean is really not in the mood.

Like There's No Tomorrow (comment fic): Bobby, Sam; PG13. Bobby seeks comfort, and finds none.

After Twilight (comment fic): Sam, Dean; PG13. Sometimes, the only comfort they have is each other.

Let The Sun Shine (comment fic): Dean, Sam; PG13. Sun is so not Dean's friend.

Interesting Times (translation from French): Dean, Sam, OCs; PG13. The brothers have a fight, and Dean decides to go out. The night he's going to have will be... interesting. Crack!fic.

Be a Simple Man: Dean, Sam; PG13. Far from the eyes, far from the heart. Or so they say. Coda to 5.03 "Free To Be You And Me."

Before I Sleep (comment fic): John, Dean, Sam, OFC; PG13. It's hard being a father, but John does what he has to do. Preseries.

For It Is a Knell: Castiel, Chuck, Dean, Risa (the female character from 5.04); PG13. 5.04 AU. The day the Devil dies is a day for celebration. But Risa can see that it's not true for everyone. Character death.

Pig In a Poke: Sam, Dean; PG13. Sam thought his only worry in the world was being Lucifer’s true vessel and having triggered the Apocalypse. Then he and his brother got swine flu.

Morituri Te Salutant: Castiel, Dean, OCs; PG13. “If everybody contemplates the infinite instead of fixing the drains, many of us will die of cholera.” John Rich

Everything: Castiel, Dean, OCs; PG13. There is a lot of things people don't know about Dean. Situated in the future!AU from 5.04. Companion piece to Morituri Te Salutant.

Moment: Sam, Dean; PG. Sometimes, Sam takes care of Dean too.

Care: Sam, Dean, OFC; PG. There's two hot guys in the motel, and maybe they have swine flu... Companion piece to Pig In a Poke.

Long Time No See: Sam, Dean, OCs; PG13. When he least expects it, the past comes to Sam.

The Other Way Around: Mary, Sam, Dean, Bobby; PG13. AU. The more you try to run from the past, the more it catches up with you.

Path of Darkness (comment fic): Sam, Dean; PG13. The exit is close, but Sam won't turn around. A re-telling of the myth of Orpheus.

Eyes Tight Shut (comment fic). Dean, Sam, John; PG13. Dean's lost and blind, but there isn't any reason for panic. Right?

Whispers (comment fic): Sam, Dean; PG. The only thing Sam wants is to hear his brother's voice one more time.

Au Clair de la Lune: Sam, Dean, OCs; R. Thank God for nice people - that's what Sam thinks when he and his brother take refuge in some people's house after a rough hunt. But the threat isn't always where you're expecting it...

Good Intentions: Dean, Sam, PG13. Sometimes, strangers' good intentions can be a pain. Literally.

Hover Through the Fog and Filthy Air (multi-chaptered, written for the spn_j2_bigbang challenge): Sam, Dean, OCs (OMC/OFC, OFC/OFC); R. AU after “Lucifer Rising.” 2013 – The demon war ended three years ago with Lucifer’s death. Sam and Dean, now living in Portland, Oregon, are learning how to live after a violent war that destroyed part of the country and left both of them weary and broken. As they decide to start hunting again, a friend tells them about a potential case – strange human-shaped shadows are attacking people in the night. In the small town of Government Camp, lost in the mountains, they find out this hunt is the consequence of something darker and uglier than they could imagine… Art by roque_clasique.

Visiting Hours (comment fic): Sam, Dean, PG13. Visiting hours are excruciating for Sam, but he just can't stay away. Written as a timestamp to Hover Through the Fog and Filthy Air.

The Existence of Forgetting: Sam, Dean, PG13. Sam thinks he’s being haunted. Or maybe he’s just crazy. But all he wants, really, is to finally talk to his brother. Written for spn_summergen.

Star Ball: Dean, Sam, OFC (Dean/OFC); R. You have a good life - a girlfriend, a job, a house. You think you know what happiness means, you think you know what is real and what isn't. You don't. Open your eyes. Written for spn_reversebang. Art by sugareey.

Happy Birthday: Sam, Dean, OCs; PG13. Sam's birthday takes a turn for the worse. Timestamp to Hover Through the Fog and Filthy Air.

And a Happy New Year: Dean, Sam, OMC; PG13. A new year is about to start, and Dean isn't in the mood. Timestamp to The Existence of Forgetting.

Dawn: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Death; PG13. Sam wakes up. Coda to 6.11.

No Exit (comment fic): Sam, Dean; PG13. They're prisoners from the cave, and there isn't any exit in sight.

Human Kindness (comment fic): Sam, Dean, OCs; PG. Who are those strangers who moved in across the street?

Blue Collar: Sam, Dean, Jess, Jo, and several others; PG13. AU/fusion with White Collar. Sam Wesson is a FBI agent working for the White Collar Crime Unit in NYC. Dean Winchester is an art thief and a forger. As far as everyone knows, the only link between them is that Wesson arrested Winchester two years ago and sent him to prison – what they don’t know, is that Sam Wesson’s real name is Winchester. And now, Sam and Dean are going to have to work together to stop a bank robber nicknamed “the Dutchman.” Written for spn_summergen.

Full of Sound and Thunder: Dean, Sam, Castiel, brief apparition of Ellen, OCs; PG13. AU/futurefic after the end of season four; sequel to Hover Through the Fog and Filthy Air. In Portland, Oregon, Sam and Dean are dealing with the aftermath of a difficult hunt. Dean, who has been in therapy for a few years, finds them another hunt through his therapist: one of her patients is having very intense dreams after a strange encounter in the mountains. But after a conversation with the man, they worry that they're dealing with hellhounds. With the help of a now human Castiel, they have to work against the clock to fight an enemy more powerful than they suspected. Written for spn_gen_bigbang. Art by geckoholic.

Of Four Infernal Rivers: Dean, Alastair; PG13. The worst part of Hell, for Dean, wasn't the torture. It was when Alastair stopped. Written for spn_summergen.

News of my Death: Dean, 2014!Dean; PG13. The End!AU. Lucifer is dead, and the world seems to be on the brink of total destruction. Meanwhile, Dean is looking for himself. Written for spn_reversebang. Art by dollarformyname.

Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here: (multi-chaptered, written for spn_j2_bigbang): Ben/Claire/Jesse; Dean, Castiel, Meg, Sam, Crowley; NC17. Ben Braeden thought he had a pretty good life, all things considered – maybe the girl he loved didn’t love him back, maybe his nights were plagued with dreams he didn’t understand, but he had a roof over his head, his best friends and the California sun. Things certainly could have been worse. Then his world was turned upside down with rapid-fire revelations of demons, angels, and secrets in his past he hadn't been aware of. But even after all that, there was still some consolation to be found in falling in love again, in the most unexpected way. AU from the middle of season 7. Art by kymericl.

Unforgotten: Lisa Braeden, Ben Braeden, Claire Novak, Jesse Turner; background Ben/Claire/Jesse; PG. Lisa comes to terms with her newfound memories, and with the new additions to her son's life. Timestamp for Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here.

Three Bullets: Dean, Sam, Chuck, OCs; PG13. The world ended on Thursday morning and all you’ve got left is a gun, three bullets and the voice in your head that says, “Find your brother.” AU. Written for spn_summergen.

Collateral Damage: Sam, Dean, John, Jo Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle, Bill Harvelle; light John/Ellen/Bill; PG13. Season 2, Post "Born Under a Bad Sign." After Sam's forced exorcism, Sam and Dean are holed up in a motel room in Iowa when they receive an unexpected visit: Jo Harvelle, coming to them with a shoebox her mother gave her. The box is full of memories of John Winchester, which sheds light on John's bittersweet relationship with the Harvelles. Written for spn_reversebang. Art by sailorhathor.

Run Like Hell: Ben/Claire/Jesse; Sam, Dean; NC-17. Former down on his luck Anti-Christ, Jesse Turner has finally found a place to settle down with Ben and Claire in California. At least, it seems that way until the Winchesters, always the bearers of bad news, tell him that his parents have been murdered at their house in Alliance, Nebraska. Back to his childhood town, Jesse has to fight his demons (literal and metaphorical) while trying to cling to his sanity. Sequel to Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here. Written for spn_j2_bigbang. Art by kiki_miserychic.

He Who Wins You Over: Sam, Dean, OCs; PG13. That Dean got them lost isn’t the most worrying thing about their situation. No, the problem is that, one, this town isn’t on the map at all; and two, it looks like it might be impossible for them to leave. Season three era. Written for spn_summergen.

Side B: Mary, Sam, Dean, Bill Harvelle, Karen Singer and others; PG13. AU. After her husband's death, Mary Winchester tried to do her best for her sons: she taught them how to defend themselves against the monsters that go bump in the night, but tried to keep them out of hunting and give as normal a life as possible. But while Sam has followed her mother’s wishes and gone to college, Dean has become a hunter and he and Mary haven’t talked in years. A hunt brings the family together and forces them to confront the past. AKA, the AU where some people who are dead aren’t, and some people who aren’t dead are. Written for spn_gen_bigbang. Art by wataru_kisugi.

Harbinger: Sam, Dean (cameos by Bobby and Ruby); PG13. AU. Sam saves Dean from Hell. This is both the end and the beginning. Written for spn_reversebang. Art by amberdreams.

Fix the Sky a Little: Ben/Claire/Jesse, Castiel, Dean, Sam, Jody Mills, Bobby Singer, the Novaks; NC17. Once a vessel, always a vessel; this is a truth Claire Novak knows well. When Claire's nights get disturbed by the calls for help of a fallen angel turned human, she, Ben and Jesse have to ally themselves with Castiel and the Winchesters to protect angels who have decided to fall and are now children. One thing they know: beneath the surface of a lake, the Leviathan awaits. Sequel to Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here and Run Like Hell. Written for spn_j2_bigbang. Art by ideare.


Seek to Know No More (multi-chaptered, written for the spn_j2_bigbang challenge): Jared/Jensen; NC17. Jensen is a transparent – hard to notice, easy to forget, he’s spent his whole life fading into the background. Jared is a psychometrist – he can read bits and pieces of thoughts and memories from people and objects. They had casual sex a few years ago, and when they meet again Jensen is surprised that Jared remembers him. They have sex again, but Jensen is wary of Jared’s ability and generally not very good at relationships. In the meantime, people with abilities are getting killed, a mysterious journalist visits Jensen and Jared, people are following Jensen, Jared has a vision he can’t explain, and everything becomes very complicated and very dangerous. Art by renegadeangelz.


Patient and Kind: Alan, Nick, Olivia, Daniel; PG13. Love is hard. Love is cold, cruel and unforgiving. This is what Alan knows. A look at Alan throughout the years. Spoilers up to the Demon's Surrender.


The Weak Link: Allison/Stiles, background Allison/Lydia/Scott/Stiles; PG13. Stiles can't quite believe it, but somehow Scott, Lydia, Allison and he ended up in a poly relationship. It's not easy, trying to keep up with all the different sides of that arrangement, especially when he's not sure Allison isn't only with him by default.

Imagine Death: Allison/Scott/Stiles, hinted Allison/Lydia/Scott/Stiles; R. One night, Allison, Scott, and Stiles go missing. They vanish into the thin air, leaving their familes without a clue about what happened to them. Lydia is left adrift by their absence and the uncertainty of their fate, but also frustrated that she doesn't know how to help find them. At least, until she discovers that the ritual with the Nemeton left her with a connection of sorts to her missing friends, and from then on she's determined to master her powers and save her friends. Meanwhile Scott, Allison, and Stiles, having only each other to rely on, must fight for their survival and decide just how far they're willing to go to stay alive. Written for holly poly for sixtywattgloom.
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